Nuustaku Ranch is a present from our ancestors. So called granary nr. A-24 was build on Otepää landscape 1886 and was restored from 2008 till 2012 , when old and tough house which has “stoned soul” got refreshing from modern style. House itself was handmade without damaging the nature from the beginning, so we tried to carry on traditions by rebuilding house and now heating it only with green energy (earthenergy and solarpannel comes from Sunlux) to save the land and home. In the Ranch you will find beautiful Estonian nature, peaceful atmosphere with all comforts:

  • Four bedrooms
  • 10 beds plus 2 extra bed and baby bed
  • Fireplace and big TV room
  • Dinner table for 15-20 people
  • Catering
  • Kitchen with all accessories
  • 2 showers and 2 toilets
  • Finnish sauna and heated barrel bath.
  • Wide sun terrace
  • Bond with glitter water

There are lakes, walking paths, gyms and other sport facilities near by which give opportunity to restore the energy and have a little adventure in the nature. Active holiday-maker we offer to lend sport equipment. Physiotherapy and massage from our partner Rannama Physiotherapy – 20% discount.

Activities for children:

  • sandbox
  • trampoline
  • tarzan swing
  • swing “plane”
  • gymnastic wall
  • and mant more…

We advise to look at house regulations.

Grill house

You can enjoy nice, relaxing summer night in the fresh air together with your friends at a warming fire preparing an evening meal in the grill house. Everything you need is at your disposal:

  • a place for making a fire outdoors
  • a barbeque grill
  • a smoke grill
  • a kitchen with water supply
  • a huge 20 seater timber dining table


Giants’ sauna is a traditional Estonian sauna with a spectacular sauna oven and smoke aroma. Both the Ranch and the sauna have been built taking into consideration the measures of protecting the nature. The below-listed are at your disposal in the sauna:

  • a sauna oven heated by wooden logs
  • a hot room for 10 people
  • a heated barrel bath
  • a cold shower
  • a regular shower
  • a pond with a bridge