In Nuustaku Ranch you can find historic charm with modern conveniences! At your disposal there are a holiday house with four bedrooms built from an old granary and a spacious room with a fireplace, where you can have parties with catering. True devoted friends of sauna can enjoy sauna for hours. Besides that, a modern fitted kitchen provides joy to every cook.
Our guests can also enjoy themselves outside the ranch, where they can barbeque in a grill house or sit around the fire and prepare their food in the open air. Before or after warming up in a Giant’s sauna a refreshing bath in our pond is good for your health. In the evening darkness it is always a pleasure to gather around a big fire on the camping place.
The holiday house is situated 5 minutes from the city center of Otepää, towards Rõngu-Pärnu, village of Pedajamäe. Here you can find us on the map. We are located in the center of Otepää tourism area. See our introducing video. In the Ranch you are the master of your own time!